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  • 台灣海難救護股份有限公司成立於民國98年,其成員包含船東、船長、引水人、輪機長、海運界學者、專家。

    TAIWAN SALVAGE CO., LTD was founded in 2009. Its members includes ship owners, captains, pilots, chief engineers, shipping industry scholars, and specialists.

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  • 台灣沿海冬季有強勁的東北季風,夏季則有颱風肆虐,經常有海難事件發生,在人命救助方面,政府及海巡總局發揮了極大的功能,至於船貨撈救方面,過去大部分由國外救難公司(日本、新加坡等國)所壟斷,有鑒於此,本公司集合航海界的菁英組成團隊,決心貢獻所學所知,為國家、社會做些事,尤其國家門口的海事案件,關係到國家尊嚴及國防安全,應該由本國人來執行較為妥當。

    Taiwan's coastline can be affected by violent northeastern monsoon in the winter; in the summer typhoons are common. Shipwrecks often happen. For life salvage situation, the Taiwanese Government and Coast Guard Administration have been fully functional; however, cargo salvage has been previously monopolized by foreign salvage corporations; for examples: Japan, Singapore, etc. Therefore, Taiwan Salvage Co. has gathered elites from the shipping industry to form a cooperative that will contribute and serve our nation and society. Especially for shipwrecks that happen close to Taiwan shores are related to our national dignity and defense, thus having a domestic salvage operation is vital.

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