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實務經驗 : 台塑「星輝2號」於麥寮港外海擱淺
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In Jan. 2007, Formosabulk No.2 of Formosa Plastics Marine Corporation was aground in open seas near Mai-Liao Port, was able to recover from grounding through the assistance of Captain C.C. Kao.

實務經驗 : 裕明「裕美輪」於苗栗外海失去動力
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2011年07月,裕明「裕美輪」於苗栗外海失去動力,由孫定國 船長、李清豐 船長、陳有福 船長協助拖帶安全返航台中。
In July 2011, M.V. Cape America of U-Ming Marine Transportation Corporation lost its power in open seas near Miao-Li. It was towed with the assistance of Captain D.K. Sun, Captain C.F. Lee, Captain Y.F. Chen to safety return to Taichung.

實務經驗 : 「津興6號」於台中港大肚溪口擱淺
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In December 2012, Jing Xin No.6 was grounded at the mouth of DaDu River in Taichung Port, Taiwan Salvage assisted it in recovering from grounding.

實務經驗 : 「海洋拉拉」於台中港外海遇大風浪致船殼受損發出遇難求救信號
於 2015年01月07日 00:00:00 (391 次閱讀)

2010年08月,「海洋拉拉」於台中港外海遇大風浪致船殼受損發出遇難求救信號,由李承中 船長、孫定國 船長指揮協助,人、船均平安返航台中港。
In August 2010, Ocean LaLa encountered stormy waves in open seas near Taichung Port, resulted a broken hull and released a distress signal. It was directed and assisted by Captain C.C. Lee and Captain D.K. Sun to safety return to Taichung Port.

實務經驗 : 陽明公司「鎮明輪」於台南布袋外海擱淺
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2009年05月,陽明公司「鎮明輪」於台南布袋外海擱淺,由陳彥宏 教授、孫定國 船長、李清豐 船長協助脫淺成功。
In May 2009, YM Harmony of Yang Min Corp was grounded in open seas near Bu-Dai town, Tainan. It was able to recover from grounding through the assistance of Captain D.K. Sun and Professor Solomon Y.H. Chen. See appreciation letter.。

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